New Album - On the Ride!

We happy to inform you, that we released on the Metalscrap-Rec. our new album "On the Ride". Of course - this name full of self-irony, because we ran into a lot of difficulties with this album:

1. Limited budget and spartan style 6-hour live rhythm section recording on the 16-channel track tape.

2. Guitar overdubs at home and as a gift - a wonderful re-recording of vocals in Mikhail Karasev studio.

3. Then the epic saga began with the mix. After 3 years of mixing (yes 3 years), we managed to end up few songs without the Mixman.

4. After this we dropped out one song from the album that did not fit into the concept and released it as a separate single.

5. Then we recorded 2 new ones instead and buried ourselves in the mix again. And then...

6. Our frontman's mother died ... This unsettled him down for almost a two years

7. Then, our the drummer left the band plus music and finally…

8. Pandemic! But oddly enough – this thing interrupted our concerts and other plans, but allowed us to concentrate on the album, which we did.

The band emerged from all the challenges with a new drummer and Shadow Rebels are On the ride again!

You can listen / buy our new album by pressing link on it's picture or Anotherside-Rec. logo.