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Oversleep Hurricane



The second full-length album by Israeli Progressive Alternave/Grunge/Fusion/Hard Rock band.
The first official Shadow Rebels release, “Oversleep Hurricane”, represents a new level in the band’s development. After a 4 years break, the band has assembled in a new lineup and this time they abandoned their "guitar-less" sound. Thanks to this decision, the trio’s sound became harder and tighter. Dynamic and bright Grunge abounds with interesting melodies laid upon tough guitar riffs. Filigree work of the bass guitar emphasizes the will of the band to distinguish each of the bandmates.
It’s impossible to classify the music to any one genre and template, as the band incorporates elements of Fusion and Jazz Rock, especially in the guitar solos, as well as Alternative and Progressive Rock features. Add the unchanging tribute to the Hard Rock roots, which are especially evident in the Gillan-esque vocals. Ethnic elements find their way into the fold of a very versatile sounding album thanks to the addition of sitar and percussion. Live violins add even more expression to the ballad tracks on the album.
The album was recorded on an all analog equipment without digital computer editing, which allowed to capture the warm tube sound!
Highly recommended for fans of: Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, System Of A Down, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Skunk Anansie, Yes and many more!!
Another Side Records, 2015 (ASR13-110-111). Made in Ukraine. First press.
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