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IMichael was born in Kiev (Ukraine) in 1970. From childhood was involved in music life. Began as violinist, learned piano, guitar, accordeon, bass, drums, harmonica, viola and a lot of exotic instruments such as sitar... Ended musical school in 1985. Begin to work as a teacher

Michael Rosenfeld

and afrer Kiev State Institute of theatral Arts was graduated as soundman of Cinema, Theatre, TV and Radio. From 1987 played in local bands as bassist, keyboardist and singer. In 1999 Michael emigrated to Israel. Participated in local bands: Perah and Shakran. In 2004 formed his own band Shadow Rebels. 

Rustam was born in 1978 in Baku (Azerbaidjan). 4 years old went to Russia (Yaroslavl). Began music education as a pianist at age 5 by private lessons, than switched to guitar in musical school at age 8 and 9 years old started to learn drums. In age 10-11 started to learn electric guitar alone. Ended musical school in 1992 and went to Israel. Played in a lot of local bands. 1999 played with Michael together in Perah-band.

In 2013 entered in Shadow Rebels.

Rustam Safaraliev
Boris Litvar (Mahoni)

Was born in 1974 in Moscow. Drumming education in musical school and playing experience in a lot of bands in Russia, than in Israel after immigration in mid 90s such as: Yellow square, Hebner and others. After his debute in December, 5 of 2020 he not only replaced Stalik Istaharov, but started to change the way that Shadow Rebels sounding with his heavier touch. Simplier, but heavier drumming finds a lot of likes of listeners. By Michael's words, his appearance in Shadow Rebels just saved the band from disbanding.

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