Band History


   The band was founded in September 2004,. First two members - Michael –vocals & bass, Alon Lazarovich - drums tried to perform grunge-alternative rock as a duo - drums and bass only. However 2 months later Arkady Scherba (keyboards) was added and the band became a trio! In February of 2005 Shadow Rebels recorded first Demo with 3 songs recorded live and 2 more songs recorded with drum plug-ins. Unfortunately on 17th of April 2005, Alon leaves the band due to immigration to New Zeland and a new member - Orian Cnafeau becomes band’s permanent drummer. Till 2009's break-up this trio never changed the line-up. In these 4 years Shadow Rebels recorded 2 albums, shot a few video-clips, performed in a lot of festivals and rock-concerts in clubs all over Israel. In the middle of April 2009 Orian decided to leave the band due to Arkady's problems with depression and antidepresants and Shadow Rebels went on an indefinite hiatus.


   4 years later in the same month of April Michael announced a Reunion. Right now a 3rd album is in last stages of production. Michael’s best friend - Shura Petrenko (guitar player and composer from Kiev, Ukraine) wrote a lot of material (as always) for the new album, but this time he even recorded rhythm guitar lines. Michael took his part as bass and keyboards player, recorded all live violins, sitar and vocals. New drummer - Stalik Istaharov recorded drums. For complete guitar lines - mostly solo-parts and for live performances new guitar player was included - Rony Safaraliev.

July,1 of 2015 Shadow Rebels signed with worldwide Label Metalscrap Records.